System Requirements

System Requirements for Leadinjection

Leadinjection performs equally well on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. You must ensure you are running the following:

  1. WordPress 4.6 or higher
  2. MySQL 5.6 or higher
  3. PHP 5.6 or higher*

*Legacy environments with PHP 5.3.x will probably work, but at least PHP 5.6, and preferably PHP 7.0, are strongly recommended. Note that WordPress recommends PHP 7.0.

Make sure your web host can comply with the minimum requirements to run WordPress.

Recommended PHP Configuration Limits

Errors such as white screens, demo import failures, empty page content and others are directly related to low PHP configuration limits. Increasing the limits solves these problems. The PHP limits must be set to the minimums below (either you can set them or you can contact your web host to set them for you.**):

To verify your current PHP limits (3 methods):

  1. In the WordPress Backen, left sidebar (Tools>Redux Framework), click the Status tab.
  2. Install a simple plugin found here.
  3. Contact your web hosting service for the information.**

**Note: some hosting services set the PHP limits low by default. However, you are paying for the service, and they should accommodate your request for higher limits.