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Leadinjection Affiliate Program Earn 30% commission on each successful sale you refer!

Any Leadinjection purchase that uses your referral code earns you 30%* of the purchase price! It takes only a minute to set up your affiliate referral code and become a profitable advocate of the Leadinjection products. Not bad!

Because we extend Envato’s Affiliate Program to be compatible with our website, you just sign up for Envato’s program to get your affiliate code. Then promote Leadinjection’s website by adding your affiliate code to the Leadinjection link:

Important: Replace your_affiliate_code with the affiliate code you get from the Envato Program.

When purchasers use your link, we automatically forward your link (and code) to the Envato market. Then they send you a 30% commission!

Affiliate Code

We investigated our conversion rates and discovered that visitors to are more likely to become customers than visitors to other marketplaces. In fact, the conversion rate is almost 100% higher than via other referral channels (including direct links to Themeforest). This means your chances of getting a commission are much higher, too.
If you use the same referral link for any other Envato market items, and you’ll get commissions from them as well.
Anywhere you like! Promote on your website, blog, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), newsletters, direct communications – anywhere! We are excited to welcome you as a promoter of Leadinjection – it’s obviously a great, versatile theme. Let’s spread the word and earn together!

*See TF for full program details.

Leadinjection Affiliate Program

Affiliate Banners

Get up and running in minutes with our ready-to-go affiliate banners. Place these banners on your site and start promoting AffiliateWP instantly. Are you missing something you could use? Just contact us and we will supply you with suitable promotional material.

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Sign up for our rewarding affiliate program. Promote Leadinjection online on social media, place a review on your own website/blog or you could even promote us offline and earn money for every customer you refer to us.